Howdy everybody! It’s been a good break and it’s looking to be a great semester!

So my break was a little less than restful, but boy was it fun! As I’ve talked about in a couple of my older blogs, I’ve been working as a developer for EnvoyNow. Over break, we worked to put together a new version of our app, and so I spent a lot of the time working to put this new version together. We went through and reorganized our database system to allow for a smaller footprint and greater ease of access. Essentially, we both reduced the space we took to store all of the information while also increasing the amount of information that we stored in easy to access places. After doing that, we went through and made our payment system more concise and secure. Finally, we finished up with some updates to push notifications and creating a much more refined user interface.

Looking ahead to the semester, my schedule is lined up with some great classes like Video Game Programming, where we’re using Unreal 4 to design and build 3D games in C++, and¬†Operations Management, where we’re learning about how to manage the flow of operations inside a company not only from a standpoint of efficiency, but also from a financial and personnel standpoint. In addition, I am taking the second class in the Entrepreneurship track, Feasibility Analysis. In this class, we’re working on taking some of our concepts from last semester and putting them to the test to see how feasible they are in today’s market.

I’m looking forward to keeping y’all updated as my classes progress! Until next time, Fight on!




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