Howdy everybody! Things may be winding down in class before finals, but it’s an exciting weekend ahead!

This weekend is a host to a couple special events for me. First off, there’s the Admitted Students Reception on campus this Saturday (4/26)! There’ll be academic breakout sessions, student organizations, student projects, and more that you can explore! I’m really excited to get to meet some more of you guys (and girls!) as you’re making your final decisions for college. If you’d like more information on the Open House, visit the link here!

In addition to that, this weekend is extra special for me because it’s my birthday! I’m kicking off the celebration tonight with a nice dinner with my girlfriend, Sarah, at Seasons 52 in Santa Monica. I always love a good filet mignon, and there’s no better time to splurge than your birthday, right? After that is the Open House on Saturday. If you’re on campus, I’ll most likely be on Trousdale so come say hello on your way to Viterbi! I’m excited to get to spend the day with my fellow VSA’s and y’all!

In other news, the pitches for Advanced Games projects are this Friday, and I can’t wait to see what projects students will be working on next year! The projects are submitted by teams of students for the Advanced Games capstone course. The course is a year-long project-based class where teams form together to work on projects that were pitched and approved, with the help of some industry professionals as well! The goal is to finish, by the end of the year, a fully polished game that is ready for publication and/or festival submission. Many teams bring in outside help, not enrolled in the class, as these projects require designers, programmers, artists, musicians, and the like to fully polish all aspects of the game. I will be attending the pitches to see any games that pique my interest as I hope to assist a team next year. I think that it will be a great experience to work in a team from the bottom so that I can pitch my own game and lead a team my senior year. If you’d like to see an example of a game that has been developed this year, take a look at The Maestros!

I hope to see some of y’all this Saturday! Until next week!



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