Howdy everyone! Some game with Stanford – Fight On! This week has been exciting with a trip to a new place for me: the Grand Canyon!

Up until this past weekend, I’d never been to the Grand Canyon, and I really wanted to see it. I always thought that it would be pretty, but still just a big gap in the ground, right? Well, this weekend I got my chance to drive down with Sarah and explore; boy, was it worth it!

The first time I looked out over the edge, the massive scale of the canyon simply overwhelmed me. This is more than just a big gap; it’s a story of centuries of life and activity that has worn away at the rock and created a serene and beautiful landscape. To give you a sense, below is a panorama of that first point.


Sarah and I decided to bike along the rim of the canyon, trekking 10 miles up to Hermit’s Rest where we enjoyed a nice view and a quaint little shop alongside the national historic landmark. I couldn’t help but pick up a hacky sack; it’s been a while since high school so I could use a little practice! You can check out some of the highlights from our trip below!

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Overall, going to the Grand Canyon was a great experience, and, while not pictured, definitely stop by Williams, AZ for dinner and a Western experience if you ever come out this way! Until next time!


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