I know that, when I applied to college, I placed a huge emphasis on the networking abilities of the school, the academic rigor and prestige, and the availability of scholarship and financial aid among a few others. However, once I had applied to favorite universities and received my acceptance letters, that wasn’t the criteria that faced me. I was able to narrow down my selection to three schools: Emory, the University of Texas, and (obviously) USC. Each, in my mind, had its own benefits and fit all the criteria I had in my mind. And that’s when I turned to the most important deciding factor: what is life like at these schools? All schools met my criteria, but which one fit my lifestyle? Where could I actually see myself?

The decision deadline was May 1st (yesterday), and so I hope this doesn’t come a day too late, but to anyone thinking about applying and anyone who faces the same dilemma that I did, here’s a day in my life:

May 2, 2013

7:30 AM: I drift awake to the faint murmur of Sweet Child of Mine by Guns N’ Roses coming from beside my head. Oh yeah, that’s my alarm – better turn it off and wait for my next one.

8:00 AM: Feeling much more rested, I turn off my second alarm and begin to get ready for my morning class. Despite starting the day feeling a little groggy, I actually like having an early class because it forces me to start my day and be productive. No time for breakfast today though – I’m slow in the mornings.

8:25 AM: I waltz into my Electrical Engineering 101 class, remembering that we won our interclass jeopardy game and thus – free breakfast!


8:30 AM: Time to start class! It’s finals review week so we’re blowing through the year in two days. It’s a little scary how everything seems so much simpler now than it did back in February. Logic gates, multiplexors, state machines… they seem almost second nature now.

9:36 AM: Out of class early, which is almost a little disappointing. As a computer science/business major, I only have two strict electrical engineering classes and thus I may never have my same professor again. Lucky for me though, I’ve yet to have a Viterbi professor that I didn’t like!

9:45 AM: Back in my room now, and it’s time for a little bit of review. I have a final today in my Computer Science 102 class (in the future this will be CS104) and I want to be extra prepared! (And yes, that is a drawing of Pikachu on my desk.)


10:53 AM: It’s time for a study break. I think I’ll check out the USG candy bar in Founders Park with my girlfriend Sarah and grab some lunch before class.

12:15 PM: Almost time for my final, wish me luck. I’ll see you guys on the flip side!

1:48 PM: Aced it! I talked to the professor on the way out and he said he’d send referrals to some of his colleagues next semester to help find a good research spot for me since he doesn’t do research. It pays to get to know your teachers!

2:00 PM: Last Econ 203 class (Microecon). Good time for a little bit of review to get ready for finals next week!

6:30 PM: After a couple games of NBA 2k13 and some dinner at Freebirds, it’s time to power out the last bit of my EE101 project. Shouldn’t take too long.

7:30 PM: Done with work for the night and now it’s time to relax and hang out with my floor.

10:30 PM: I’ve got an early morning tomorrow with Physics at 9AM, so it’s off to bed for me! I hope reading my daily schedule can help you get an idea of what life is like here at USC. It’s a great environment and the perfect balance of work and play. Until next time!



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