Why do Industrial and Systems engineers focus on efficiency and optimization, you ask? Well, to enhance our sandwich-making abilities, of course! This semester, a group of Industrial and Systems engineers got together to help USC break a world record by making as many ham and cheese sandwiches as possible in less than an hour. Needless to say, our group was at the forefront of the competition against other USC clubs and organizations, finishing with our supplies in less than 30 minutes! Evidently, lean thinking and just-in-time manufacturing techniques are applicable as much when making a sandwich as they are in the manufacturing industry. This was the team of market-ready ISEs that raised the global standard for sandwich-making:


Besides being able to apply the things we learned in the classroom to the real world, out team successfully contributed to USC’s philanthropic effort of making food for the Skid Row community. Additionally, the university as a whole shattered the world record by making 17,341 sandwiches, which is more than three times the previous Guinness World Record. Way to go Trojans!

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Pablo Pozas-2015

Pablo Pozas-2015

Industrial & Systems Engineering, Class of 2017, Learn more on his profile here!