After being at home for a little over a year, I honestly almost forgot about how pretty USC’s campus is. Of course, we have our major showstoppers—the School of Cinematic Arts, Mudd Hall, Doheny Library—but I’ve been appreciating the less well-known sights on campus since we’ve been back in person.

What you see while walking around campus is definitely dependent on time and place. Some days, as you bake in the LA heat, you stumble across random bushes blooming with flowers (at least something beautiful accompanies the uncomfortably hot weather). On McClintock especially, the bushes bloom yellow and red (yes, it’s cheesy, but also. . .one can never have enough cardinal and gold #fighton).

Other days, you might happen to be speed-walking down McClintock attempting to be less than ten minutes late to a meeting, and come face-to-sky with a jaw-dropping sunset (I was, in fact, more than ten minutes late because I stopped to take this picture).

On those major reprieve days when the weather is solidly in the 70s, you might be walking towards the Tutor Campus Center and see the most aesthetic view ever. As a side note, I was also late to lab because I stopped to take this picture—pro tip: leave home early enough that losing literally two seconds won’t make or break you.

And some other days, you might be lucky enough to stumble across one of the LAPD horses (yes, HORSES!!). In my humble opinion, seeing a horse on campus is a surefire way to make your entire day 1000x better, so look out for them!

Also, let’s not forget about the building interiors on campus because (surprise) they are also gorgeous. I could go on forever about how Doheny sometimes feels like Hogwarts and Mudd feels like you’ve been transplanted into the Italian Renaissance, but I’m going to focus on a new place I only recently saw for myself: Kaufman. When I tell you Kaufman is magical, I’m literally not kidding. The fancy hanging lights and (not pictured) spiral staircase makes me feel like I’m in the movie Anastasia every time I enter that building. Plus there’s a bench right across from the window where you can sit and study while basking in the ambiance.

And just because some of these views were based on chance, I’m going to end by talking about a sight that you can fully control seeing. Disclaimer: this is NOT a Dulce plug. Trust me on this: Dulce’s strawberries & cream donut is both stunning in real life and photogenic. . .and it also tastes amazing (this is very much me plugging Dulce).

In summary, USC is kind of gorgeous (just a little) so I would definitely recommend walking around and exploring campus because you never know what you’re going to see!

Neha Yadav

Neha Yadav

I'm Neha, and I'm a junior majoring in biomedical engineering! Outside of classes, I'm a project manager for Engineers Without Borders, the Public Relations Chair for the Associated Students of Biomedical Engineering, and on the Executive Board for the Shaukat Initiative. I have some experience in entrepreneurship—I won the Min Family Challenge in 2020 and founded a socially-minded startup, and also interned at two startups over the summer of 2021. In my free time, I love reading, hiking, and road-tripping!

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