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Hey there! I’m Nayely, a sophomore majoring in Civil Engineering with and Emphasis in Building Science from Houston, Texas. On campus, I’m the Public Relations Director for the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and I am also a part of the Concrete Canoe team for the American Society of Civil Engineers! In addition, I’m interning at DPR Construction this summer in Newport Beach, CA! When I’m not busy, I absolutely love exploring LA, trying out different restaurants and going to concerts. I also love throwing a baseball around and playing catch with friends. Feel free to check out my #ViterbiLife!

My Favorite Places in LA


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I am the Public Relations Director for SHPE, an organization who’s mission is to get underrepresented people the resources and help to succeed in higher-level institutions. SHPE puts on a lot of cool events like Noche de Ciencias, where we get to go talk to neighboring high school students and their parents about pursuing higher education and a degree in STEM.
As a Fluor Tower Customer Service Representative, I work at the front desk answering any question a student may have about their housing at Fluor Tower, a suite-style housing option. This includes giving students mail and packages and helping them get back into their room if they are locked out.
The Concrete Canoe team for ASCE is in charge of designing and construction a floating canoe made out of concrete to compete at end-of-year competition against other schools who also design concrete canoes. There a multiple teams within ASCE like the Steel Bridge team and the Geotechnical team that anyone can join too!

My Major at USC: Civil Engineering Building Science

My Favorite Classes
I really enjoyed this class because I took it my first semester at USC and I started learning fundamental software programs like Revit and AutoCAD. At the end of the year, we had to design our dream home on Revit and I had so much doing it!
Building Science, or Studio, is a very interactive and hands-on class where you get to design and construct all sorts of projects like 6-foot paper towers (with no glue) and cardboard chairs that hold 150 pounds (also with no glue). This class really allows me to use both engineering and architecture to design and build great things!
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My Tips for You

General Application

Try your hardest to visit all your schools before you decide! Being on campus and having "that feeling" was crucial for me in making my decision to come to USC!

General Application

Space out your applications. You don’t want to speed through them. If you know you have to invest a little more time on one application rather than another, dedicate a little more time to that one by starting early.

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Two Truths and a Lie

Can you guess which of these are true or false?
True! I had so much fun helping the Athabaskan village in Alaska renovate their roofs and making their homes wheelchair-accessible.
True! I had so much fun designing my dream home!
False! I actually work for USC Housing at Fluor Tower, where I also lived as a freshman!

Some of My Favorites

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    How To Get Away With Murder is a suspenseful series! I was hooked instantly! And they also filmed half the show on campus and Annalise Keating’s house is about 2 blocks away from campus!

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    Zootopia is such a wonderful movie because it has a great life lesson: you can be anything you set your mind to! And they have cute animals!
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    One of my favorite late night talk shows is Real Time with Bill Maher. I like his funny satirical jokes and I like staying informed with a touch of humor!