Hello everyone!

I hope you are all feeling as relaxed and rested as I am after a week of Spring Break! If you haven’t yet had your Spring Break, hang in there and finish strong, and for those who are on break, enjoy every second of it.

As for myself, I had a wonderful break as I spent most of it in Cabo San Lucas. It was such a beautiful place and I absolutely want to go back. The beach was gorgeous although the water was a little cold. My absolute favorite part was that we were able to get a private snorkeling session with one of the lifeguards on the beach for a super low price ($20!) as opposed to the large group snorkel session that was much more expensive and on a part of the beach that didn’t have as many fish and coral reefs to look at.

Chileno Beach where we snorkeled!

We got to snorkel by the rocks that extend into the ocean, where all the reefs are!

We also decided to take a walk down the beach in front of our resort to catch the sunset and it was also such a beautiful view.

On the last day before we left, we decided to get on a boat to go see the famous arch, and it did not disappoint.

Although I was really sad to leave Cabo, I was excited to be back in LA because my sister was visiting for the first time so I wanted to show her around and, of course, she had to go to Disneyland!

She was so happy to be in Toon Town! 

Check out my Instagram page for more wonderful photos of my Spring Break and I would 100% recommend visiting Cabo San Lucas and of course Disneyland for Spring Break/any time of the year!

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