Hello friends! Spring Break is right around the corner so finish off strong!

I want to share a super cool, and new experience for me! A few weeks ago I started volunteering at the Pug Nation Rescue of Los Angeles, which is just a 15 minute drive from campus. I am absolutely infatuated with pugs, so I was extremely excited to have found this place! As soon as I arrived, I was in heaven. This shelter rescues and gives homes to any pugs that are sick and/or have been found or taken to the shelter. Thus, a lot of the pugs are a little older, are sick, blind, and there’s even one in a wheelchair! They’re all incredibly adorable though.


Within a few hours, I grew fond of Ellie. Steven grew fond of Niko and so we took them for a walk!

Before we walked these babies, we played around with more of the pugs in the shelter. I kept jumping around from the “gen pop” group (the freely-roaming) to the pugs in pens. The reason they’re in pens is because they’re either sick and they need to be kept separate from the other pugs or they like to bite! This is Brad; he was found with Angelina, his woman friend, at a Pep Boys. Who would ever leave these two adorable things behind?!

I fell in love with all of them! They all were so loving and all they expected in return was some love and time from us. Now I will bombard you all with every photo and video I took of every pug.



I will definitely be returning to my pug heaven soon, as in this weekend, before heading out to Cabo for Spring Break, but that’s another story for you guys in the future! Take care and have a fun and relaxing Spring Break! But in the meantime, keep up to date with Pug Nation’s news and events on their Facebook page so that you can also get involved!



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