Hey everyone! I hope everyone is pushing through the semester because I know I’m certainly trying to get through midterm season!

Because I knew midterm was going to hit me hard the following 2 weeks, I decided to have a fun weekend before I had to spend my weekends studying and working on projects. So, as an LA resident now, I decided to go to a recording for Celebrity Family Feud!

A couple of my friends and I went to the Celebrity Family Feud studio in West Hollywood, stood in line for a few minutes, showed our IDs, gave security our phones (because you can’t film or take pictures of the live show as it’s being filmed), and walked inside to see two live shows roll out!

I was actually really excited because I think Steve Harvey, the host, is really funny, but I was also really excited to see what celebrities he brought out, and he did not disappoint. George Lopez and Eva Longoria. Yep, he brought out both George Lopez’ and Eva Longoria’s family and friends. I was fangirling. Check out his IG post on it!

The recording was sooo funny because both Steve Harvey and George Lopez are comedians so they kept throwing jokes around; most of them will probably not be aired, though, because obviously George Lopez isn’t exactly PG-rated, but nonetheless, I really enjoyed the entirety of the show!

For the second recording he brought out the Metz family from the show This Is Us and the Irwin family, Steve Irwin’s kids and wife. That was also really entertaining! I grew up watching Steve Irwin’s show as a girl and seeing his family carry on the same love and passion for animal and animal preservation was wonderful. I wish I could share with you all pictures but I was robbed of my phone for the entirety of the show! Although the episode hasn’t been uploaded to ABC’s website, stay tuned to watch this hilarious episode!

However, after 5 long hours of sitting and laughing, we were all really hungry, and since the studio is literally right next to the Grove, a large shopping center with a farmer’s market, we decided to get some nice mom and pop’s food at the farmer’s market. It was really hard to decide what type of food I wanted to eat because they have so many options, but I went for some homemade warm Mexican food. After satisfying our stomach we walked around and bumped into this little guy!

We ended up finding a booth where the woman there rescued hurt farm animals, so she had a baby goat (so cute!), a pig, some ducks, and geese. It was such a funny and unexpected find, but you don’t know what extraordinary things you’ll bump into out here!

His curly little tail is adorable!

Well, that’s it for now everyone! Thanks for tuning in and I hope I got at least one “daaaw” out of you with these adorable little animals. Talk to ya soon!

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