Hello, friends!

The semester is halfway done and with midterm season in full swing, I needed to take a break after a week full of midterms… so I went to the blink-182 concert! Yes, yes, I know, the feels of those good old middle school days.

It was an amazing concert with All Time Low and A Day To Remember as the opening performers. I absolutely love All Time Low and I sang my heart out like if I was back in middle school again. The wait for blink-182 to come out was better than I expected especially because they had food trucks surrounding the Irvine Meadows Amphitheater, so naturally I let time fly by eating some great Spanish-American food and listening to A Day To Remember perform live in the background. I’ve added a clip where All Time Low performs my favorite song, but please excuse my singing.

After eating, I couldn’t wait any longer for blink-182! I was soooo excited and everyone around me was getting jittery and anxious. The atmosphere for this concert felt significantly different than other concerts because blink-182 took a long pause from the music industry and so all the people around me were just like me, anxious to re-live those old moments. It was awesome to see all these people go crazy and head-bobbing to blink-182’s old jams. However, there is one new song from their new album that I really do love. I wanted them to perform it so bad, and when he started off by saying “We’ve never performed this song live before, so we’re going to practice with you guys,” I never expected it to be ‘She’s Out Of Her Mind,’ so obviously I felt lucky to be in the crowd that heard that song be performed live for the first time!

However, what shocked me the most was that they brought out Steve Aoki! It was so lit! I had always wanted to see Steve Aoki live and I finally got to see him without even planning it! The whole EDM/punk rock feel was awesome.

I highly encourage everyone to go to a concert where you can reminisce your middle/high school years. It is such a wonderful experience!

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