Game days. How lucky we Trojans are to be able to celebrate a holiday that comes every week. Even though every single game day is filled to the brim with school spirit and excitement, to me there is one specific game day that is more special than any other: parents weekend.

Every year, USC dedicates one of its game days as parents weekend. The school puts on several events just for the parents. The parents get to listen to the band play just for them, they can mingle with other USC parents, and they can even visit some classrooms to see what lectures are like.

My parents flew in on Saturday morning, a few hours before the football game. They parked and then I took them to a tailgate at my fraternity, Sigma Nu, where I was able to introduce them to some of my friends.

There’s nothing I enjoyed more than being able to introduce my parents to my friends here. My parents and I even went to dinner with one of my friends and his parents. My mom and dad know all of my friends back home, and I know they loved being able to meet the people I hang out with here.

After the tailgate, we walked through campus to get to the Coliseum. I taught them all of our traditions, and they even kicked the poles at the end of Trousdale. One of the highlights was definitely when a random stranger let my dad ride his hoverboard around!

My parents loved the energy inside the Coliseum, and to make the game even better, we ended up getting the win over ranked Colorado.

For me, parents weekend is very special for many reasons, but my favorite thing about it is that I get to share USC with my parents. USC is incredibly important to me, and being able to show something so meaningful to me with my parents is a very special feeling. They got to experience first-hand what it’s like to be a part of the Trojan Family. Hopefully they come back next year so that I can introduce them to more of my future-friends and I can share my school with them all over again.

Fight on!


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