Hump day is beloved by many around the globe, for a variety of reasons. Here at USC, there is a very special reason why Wednesdays are so great: the farmer’s market.

Every Wednesday, a variety of shops, markets, and pop up food places hit USC’s McCarthy quad. Whenever I walk through the quad, I’m like a little kid in a candy shop. I can smell the falafel cooking by Leavey, and I am completely enticed by the colorful strawberries, passion fruits, and peaches that are being sold.

The market is great because of both its quality and convenience. Normally I’d have to go to a supermarket to get fruit; here, I can literally get fresh fruit as I’m walking to class.

Last week, as I was walking from statics to BME 210, and on a whim I bought a Thai tea drink that I was able to enjoy in class. I also got some homemade habanero salsa. Talk about a spicy surprise!

To check out more images of the farmers market, take a look at The Daily Trojan’s article.