Oh boy, am I excited to be writing this blog. If there are three things in this world that I love, it’s food, eating, and restaurants. And wouldn’t you know, Los Angeles has all three of those things!

In all seriousness, one of my favorite things about LA is the diversity it has to offer, and with great diversity comes great food. I wanted to briefly talk about all the options students have to choose from when it comes to grabbing some grub.

To start, I’ll begin by talking the various dining halls that can be found on campus: Everybody’s Kitchen, Café 84, and Parkside Dining Hall. Every dining hall has a salad bar and is open every day from 7 AM to 10 PM. What I love about the dining halls is that each one has a specialty. For example, Everybody’s Kitchen (better known as EVK) specializes in comfort foods. It serves meals such as macaroni and cheese, street tacos, chicken tenders, steak and potatoes, and Mongolian BBQ, not to mention a daily burger bar. Café 84 is known for its organic and wholesome meals. My favorite dishes there are its ahi tuna poke bowls and its ramen. Lastly, Parkside specializes in its Asian cuisine. Parkside’s chow mein is waaaaay too good to be served at a college dining hall, and its dosa bar is great as well. Every dining hall also has a vegetarian option.

What’s great about the dining halls is how accessible they are. There’s a dining hall 2 minutes away from all the residence halls. A meal plan comes with on-campus housing, so if you live on campus, you’ll be able to go to a dining hall an unlimited amount of times. Luckily the same goes for the gym, otherwise the freshman fifteen would have been way too real.

If you get tired of the dining halls, there are plenty of restaurants on campus as well. Panda express, habit burger, California pizza kitchen, and lemonade (just to name a few restaurants) are on campus and always accessible. And when USC village is completed, we’ll have even more! Personally, I’m most excited about the Trader Joe’s that’s going up, but I’m also looking forward to the sit down restaurants they’ll install.

As good as the food on campus is, there are even more options are variety off campus. Figueroa Street is home to dozens of chain restaurants, such as blaze pizza, chipotle, taco bell, and five guys. There are also some private restaurants, such as Viztango Café, Trio House, La Taquiza, and Jack N Joe, which is arguably the best breakfast place I’ve ever been to. Some of my favorite sit-down places to go to with my friends are Mana’s Indian Cuisine and Ebaes. I could go on forever. What’s even better, most of these places deliver.

All in all, there is an incredible variety of food on and next to USC that fits any budget, any taste, and any occasion. Eating is more than a task because every meal is enjoyable. As Mother Teresa said, “If you can’t feed a hundred people, feed just one.” Let that one be yourself.


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