So I’ve been a bit… lax, shall we say, with my blogging recently. Something about gigantic projects, four consecutive weeks of midterms, and finals that seemed to last an incredibly long time. It’s all over now, though, and I’m glad to be finished with my third semester at USC.

Right now, I’m spending some time with one of my friends in Hawaii, and we’re having fun ziplining, swimming, and generally enjoying the sunshine (and some light rain) before I have to return home to the dark, cold, and miserable Northeast.

Here I am in my ziplining gear. It's a testament to my physical weakness and the fact that I need to go to the gym more that I was pleased to have a full body harness, not just a climbing harness.

I’m planning to catch up on all the blogs that I haven’t done over the next few days, so keep watching this space. Now that I don’t have anything else to do, blogging is allowed to take a front seat.