Hey! Welcome to my blog. This is my third (or fourth… maybe) attempt at writing about some of the things that I encounter during the week, and I’m committed to keeping it updated on a regular basis. This time, I’ll just start with a quick summary about who I am and why I’m writing here on Viterbi Voices.

My name is Nathan, and I’m from outside New York (New Jersey, actually, but I attempt with varying degrees of success to conceal that). I’m a sophomore at USC, enrolled in the Viterbi School of Engineering’s joint Computer Science/Business Administration major with the Marshall School of Business. I love the weather in Los Angeles, along with the atmosphere and the people whom I have met here. Some of my interests include reading, running, spending time outdoors, and politics. I also like programming (which is a good thing because I have a project due tomorrow that I have to work on after I finish writing this).

Yesterday, I had my orientation for the Viterbi Student Ambassador (VSA) program. VSAs are a group of living, breathing engineering students at USC who give high school students and students at other colleges insight into what it’s like to be an engineering student here at USC.

We’re here to answer questions, show you around, and help you get to know our school, the programs that it offers, and Los Angeles as a whole. I’m really excited to get started, and I hope you’ll keep reading my blog and follow me on Twitter (@nathanVSA).

Feel free to leave comments on my blog, talk to me on Twitter, or send me an email through viterbi.student@usc.edu. Say hello if you see me on campus at one of our ongoing Meet USC events!