My hardest class was also one of my most important: Discrete Math for Computer Science. Although I am a computer science major, I lean more on the practical side of the field rather than the theoretical. Because of this, although the material was interesting, it was hard for me to fully commit to studying it.

That said, I learned an incredible amount about data structures, proof techniques, and thinking logically, all of which are being used in my current theoretical class, Algorithm Design.

Taking a class that was genuinely challenging was a good opportunity for me to improve my study skills, and I took things like study sessions and self-assigned practice problems to a new level.

All in all, Discrete Math was a constructive opportunity for me, and I value both the skills and the knowledge that the course imparted.

On the other side of the coin, my favorite class at USC was not even in engineering. It was a Thematic Option course that explored the philosophy behind the evolution of civilization, starting out with ancient, nearly mythological peoples and progressing to the twentieth century.

Taking courses that explore topics that seem unrelated to engineering is one of the great things about the Thematic Option program, and I’ve found that studying things are random as Russian literature and the meaning of justice in society has given me a new appreciation for what we do as engineers.

Actually, I lied. My favorite course at USC culminated in a week-long trip to Chile through the Learning About International Commerce program. I’ll post about that soon.