So the day is almost here! (Literally—I’m writing this at almost midnight.) President Obama will be arriving on campus soon to hold a rally for Organizing for America. Estimated attendance: 30,000. Number of rescheduled midterms: 1.

It was a bit close, but it turns out that my EE 101 midterm was moved to next week, meaning that I’ll be able to attend President Obama’s rally. Even though I’m not his biggest fan by any measure, the idea that I’ll be able to hear from the President of the United States right here at USC really drives home the tremendous opportunities that this university has offered me.

I can’t wait to meet up with the College Republicans tomorrow morning in our “Free Markets, Free Minds, Free People” t-shirts to attend tomorrow’s rally. Signs are prohibited, and we’re going to be acting in a respectful, mature manner befitting a visit of someone so significant.

It’s been really cool watching the campus be prepared for today. The steps of Doheney Library are going to be where President Obama, like President Ford many years ago, will stand to address the crowd. Maybe he’ll even have a plaque put up next to the one commemorating President Ford’s address.

Here’s a link to my pictures on Flickr. I’ll have another album from tomorrow….