The best part of going to USC in my opinion is the weekly farmers market on Wednesdays. This farmers market takes place in the McCarthy Quad, a staple field on campus. There are booths from every range of the market. There is jewelry, artisan bread, fresh produce, and a range of foods to pick from. The food options are thai, empanadas, Hawaiian barbecue, tamales, and more. My personal favorite is the Hawaiian barbecue chicken bowl with the spicy mango habanero sauce. However, an overall fan favorite is the thai food.

After selecting what you want to eat, there is ample room in the sun and the shade to enjoy your food and time with friends. At a prime location for hammocking, many students opt to bring their hammocks and lounge amongst the trees. I attend the farmers market between classes so I opt for sitting on my skateboard in the grass. Oh, I also forgot to mention that there is a large range of agua frescas. If I haven’t sold you on this yet then I am not sure what will. If you ever find yourself visiting campus on a Wednesday, be sure to drop by!

Natalie Le

Natalie Le

MAJOR: Civil Engineering (Building Science) YEAR: Class of 2023 HOMETOWN: San Diego, California PRONOUNS: she/her/hers INSTA: @nataliexlinh On campus I am involved in various Civil clubs like Construction Management, Earth Engineering Research, and Society of Civil Engineers. Outside of engineering I work a part time job in the Office of Admissions.

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