Sometimes I think my life is a lot like a sitcom. Not because something funny or inconvenient is always happening to me, but because I live in one house with four roommates. The breakdown is me, two other girls, and two guys. Living in a 1,500 square feet house constantly around four other people is a hectic time to say the least.

Honestly, it is a lot of fun because there is always someone you can go to bother. Me and the two girls share one room that has all of our beds and a second room with all of our desks. We are constantly around each other so we see the best and the worst sides. We will scream with each other, scream at each other, and just scream in general. The entire house plays a ridiculous amount of Uno, MarioKart, Pictionary, and Wii sports. Every weekend we go on a trip to hike in Burbank, snow tube at Mount Baldy, or tan at Manhattan Beach. We scream sing “Come on Eileen” on PCH and cry sing “Stay” by Rihanna on the Santa Monica freeway. On weekends that we want to stay in we will have Championship Game Night where we play every game for a winner to get a free Chipotle meal.

We also have systems in place for the more serious side of things. Each of us has a day that we clean and a separate day we cook. I cook for the house on Tuesdays and I clean the kitchen and downstairs on Thursdays. This is one of the best decisions we have made. The range of food we eat goes from Thai curry to taquitos, and breaded mustard chicken. Surprisingly there has been very little instant ramen or mac and cheese made. It is so relieving not having to worry about dinner every night, especially when you have midterms or assignments due the next day. We have a communal grocery list and at the end of the month we all sit down to Venmo charge each other for groceries and utilities.

Living with roommates requires some tough conversations, sacrifices, and accommodations but it is definitely worth it. I love living with my closest friends and always having someone to rely on.

Natalie Le

Natalie Le

MAJOR: Civil Engineering (Building Science) YEAR: Class of 2023 HOMETOWN: San Diego, California PRONOUNS: she/her/hers INSTA: @nataliexlinh On campus I am involved in various Civil clubs like Construction Management, Earth Engineering Research, and Society of Civil Engineers. Outside of engineering I work a part time job in the Office of Admissions.