Sometimes school feels like it is moving at 100mph while I am only equipped to go at maybe 75mph. This semester I am taking 18 units, have two part time jobs, and am on the executive board for two clubs. It feels like I have almost no free time (yes, I consider hanging out with friends as time that is not considered free). Keeping a balance feels impossible. This is my honest truth about my college schedule because it is filled to the brim but I still would not trade it for anything.

On a typical day I will wake up around 8:30am, take a shower, eat a granola bar for breakfast, and head to my first of at least three classes per day. In between classes, I go to my part time job in the admissions office. I work around 13 hours a week at that job. Then after a couple classes, I go home to either cook dinner or do homework. Then around 7pm or 8pm I will go to a club meeting that takes around an hour. Once I get back I may do more work or just watch a movie with my friends.

College can be a lot and there are definitely times where I joke around that I want to drop out with a hidden tone of maybe I am not joking. But between the late nights, low quiz scores, and cups of coffee, I am having the best time of my life. There is absolutely nothing like college. The experiences, good and bad, have allowed me to grow into a person I am proud of. Looking between the lines is how I know I can make it through.

Natalie Le

Natalie Le

MAJOR: Civil Engineering (Building Science) YEAR: Class of 2023 HOMETOWN: San Diego, California PRONOUNS: she/her/hers INSTA: @nataliexlinh On campus I am involved in various Civil clubs like Construction Management, Earth Engineering Research, and Society of Civil Engineers. Outside of engineering I work a part time job in the Office of Admissions.

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