It’s hard to believe this is my last semester of undergrad at USC! I had a great break at home in San Diego, which was even more exciting because the Chargers made the NFL playoffs. It was great to be able to attend several Chargers games with my family throughout December. I spent the rest of my break with family and catching up with my high school friends. Now I’m rested and ready for an awesome second semester senior year, and it’s great to be back at USC!

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My schedule is great this semester – three-day weekends with no Monday class, and my second masters class in Green Technologies. I’ve finished all of my Civil Engineering degree requirements except for a few electives – a geology class and a construction management class. Of course I’m also in my last semester of my Building Science design studio. We’re designing a wooden skyscraper for our final project! I’m also very excited to be taking film symposium this semester – we’ll be screening movies before they are released in theaters and then afterwards meet someone who worked on the film! I’ve looked forward to this class since freshman year and I’m glad I could finally fit it in my schedule.

This semester is filled with more “lasts” – my last semester as a VSA, last semester of Gamma Phi activities, and last semester on SWE Eboard. We have a lot of great SWE events coming up this spring that I’m looking forward to, especially our Regional Conference at the end of February! Last year was my first regional conference in Salt Lake City Utah (read all about my trip here). This year the conference is in San Diego! I’m already working on a list of activities for us to do for the weekend 🙂

Since I have more free time this semester than I have had in the past, I’m hoping to get out and explore more of LA. I’d love to go to the beach more and explore the great museums and sights of LA. I’ll keep you updated on my adventures!

Until next time,