After only 3 weeks of classes the new spring semester is already in full swing! Everything is going well so far, and I’m enjoying my new classes and all the events the organizations I am involved with have planned for this spring. I am especially enjoying the incredible 75 degree weather and gorgeous days we have had in LA for the last week. It makes it slightly harder to concentrate on schoolwork, but it is definitely more enjoyable and reminds me of why I chose to go to school in beautiful Southern California.

This semester, I’m taking more specialized civil engineering classes, and a few non-engineering classes to balance out my schedule. My civil engineering classes include CE 225 (Mechanics of Deformable Bodies), CE 325 (Dynamics), and CE 207 (Introduction to Design of Structural Systems). I’m taking my second architectural studio class, ARCH 205b (Building Science), where I’m learning about structure, space, and the process of design. Right now we are studying the Case Study House program, modern California houses built in the 1940s-1960s. As exciting as these classes are, I’m also looking forward to taking my last General Education course, the Diversity requirement. This semester I am taking MUJZ 419 (The Jazz Experience: Myths and Culture), where I’ll study jazz fiction, poetry, and film, and of course jazz recordings. The class I am most looking forward to is NAUT 001: Deepwater Cruising, also known as Sailing! This class is really popular, and I’m so glad that I can fit it into my schedule next semester. I’m taking it with girls who were in my civil engineering classes last year, and it turns out that Claire and Lydia are also in the class!

In addition to my classes, I am continuing my involvement with SWE, SHPE, ASCE, Lacrosse, my sorority, and my research job. SWE has many exciting events planned for the semester, and I can’t wait to go photograph them. ASCE has the PSWC Conference this March at Cal Poly Pomona, and I am hoping to assist the concrete canoe team in their competition. My lacrosse team has its first game of the season tomorrow against UC Irvine, I’m so pumped! My whole family is coming to the game, and it’ll be great to see them there and have their cheering support. My sorority has our first invite coming up in a few weeks, which should be really fun, followed very quickly by our first philanthropy event. In other news, I am starting a new research project this semester! I really enjoyed learning about the possibilities of powering cities solely with renewable energy, but my research professor has become the dean of engineering at another university, so I am beginning a new research project. Stay posted for updates!

I also hope to spend some time this semester exploring LA – check out my blog to see where I plan to go! I already visited LACMA so only 2 places left to visit!


With college decision letters starting to come out, good luck and Fight On!