This past weekend was parents weekend, which is one of my favorite weekends of the year, since my parents come every year! Being from San Diego, a short 2-hour drive away from USC, my parents frequently come up for USC football games, but parents weekend is even better because then my parents get to meet all of my friends parents! Here’s a picture from parents weekend last year:


The fam parents weekend 2011

Parents weekend couldn’t have come at a better time, because this is the first week since midterms started that I don’t have any exams this week!┬áThe fun this weekend started with a parents dinner at my sorority house. My roommates (who are also all in gamma phi) and our parents had such a blast catching up over a delicious dinner and dessert. My roommate even won an incredible Halloween basket from the silent auction, which in addition to her other two Halloween care packages, has really put our apartment in the Halloween spirit.

For gameday my parents tailgated in their usual spot on the Doheny lawn. I love tailgating with my parents because they always have the most delicious tailgating food. Yesterday we had delicious Mexican eggs with potatoes and chorizo for breakfast and burgers with avocado for lunch. I invited all of my friends and their parents over to join us, and then we all went into the game! USC winning made the weekend even better!


Until next week, Fight On!