So needless to say it is midterm season, which makes everything a little crazier, but there are also a lot of fun things still going on at and around USC. The important thing is to balance studying with having fun and relaxing.

This year I joined a sorority, Gamma Phi Beta, and I have had the most fun getting to meet all of the girls in the house and participating in sorority activities, such as invite! The theme this year was western, which made for lots of plaid and cowboy hats and boots.

The day after invite was my sorority’s philanthropy, Crescent Classic, an annual handball tournament to benefit Troy Camp at USC. The fraternities all compete to win fun prizes and gifts. Everyone gets really competitive, but its tons of fun, and knowing that the money raised is going to an excellent cause makes the day even better.

Right after philanthropy I went down to San Diego! I had such a nice, relaxing weekend catching up on sleep, doing homework, and going to the Chargers game!

Once I got back to USC, I spent the next four days studying for my physics midterm! My study group (which includes fellow VSA Ashlyn) met several times during the week, trying to learn and understand as much physics as we could! I included a picture of us studying – we were studying for so many hours that night, we thought a picture was necessary.

I am so glad to now be past that midterm, except I have two midterms this coming week, and two papers due the week after that! Enjoying USC is definitely all about time management…

Last night my sorority had our Big/Little night, and after a week of gathering clues and gifts from my Big, I finally found out who she was! The Big Sis/Little Sis program in sororities is like a mentoring system, when Bigs serve as great resources for their Littles, and also as great friends. My Big is one of my best friends in my sorority, and is from San Diego too! To celebrate Big/Little night, a bunch of Gamma Phi’s went to L.A. Live to have dinner at the Yard House (where I ran into fellow VSA Claire) and then we went to the theatre to watch What’s Your Number?, which was a hilarious ending to a great night :).

Today is GAMEDAY! USC is playing Arizona, and hopefully it’ll be a great game! I am going with my roommates to this game, because we are all (unfortunately) leaving the game early to go to (wait for it)… DISNEYLAND!!! My roommate’s birthday is this weekend, and she has never been to Disneyland before, so we are taking her on a surprise trip! I love Disneyland and can’t wait to go!

Whew, so my week as always was crazy and will continue to be until the end of the semester. But with so many fun things going on, I can’t miss out on any of them, and I have to stay on top of my work. So I guess it’s my own fault that I am always busy, but I wouldn’t change my college experience one bit 🙂

To find out more about USC engineering students and their majors, check on the new VSA webisode to “Meet the Majors” at!

Until next time, FIGHT ON!