My freshman year I lived in Marks Hall when it was the honors dorm (you can read more about it here). I loved my small dorm community (it only had two floors), and am still close friends with some of the people from my dorm to this day. A lot happened to be engineers, so I usually run into them around RTH as well. I loved being around McCarthy Quad, right across from Doheny where I would always go study, and next to the Alumni House with its beautiful plaza complete with a little garden and fountain.



I loved spending time on the lawn in front of my dorm, either doing homework or taking advantage of the awesome year round weather. My friends and I would often also take trips exploring LA, mostly food related and centered around each of our birthdays, or beach trips.

Since most of us were engineers, we even took a group to Viterbi Ball (that’s coming up in a couple of weeks – stay tuned for a blog on that 🙂 ). Last year we took a trip to San Diego for my birthday. And of course, we always tailgate together before USC games!

Viterbi Ball

Viterbi Ball

San Diego weekend

San Diego!












My freshman roommate!










Your freshman year housing experience ends up being exactly what you make of it. So have fun and make the most of it! While my dorm wasn’t my first choice housing, I ended up loving freshman year and I know I’ll be friends with the people from my dorm for many years to come.