School is back and I’m so excited to say that I’m already moved into my USC apartment for the year! After an amazing summer studying in Madrid (you can read more about that here and here), I got to spend a relaxing month at home catching up with family and friends. But since school is starting in two weeks, it was time for me to pack up my stuff once again (I don’t even know how many times I’ve packed and unpacked this summer) and head back to USC. I moved in yesterday to my first real apartment! My roommate and I moved in yesterday, while our other two roommates will move in tomorrow. But here’s a picture of our apartment so far!


My new apartment!

As excited as I am about living in our new apartment, I’m actually writing this from my house in San Diego! I brought a couple of my friends to San Diego for a couple of days, to enjoy more of the beach and great weather before classes start. Last night we had a great Mexican barbeque, and we spent all day today soaking up sun and riding bikes at the beach! We even saw dolphins swimming through the waves! Tonight I’m having a small birthday celebration with some of my friends from high school, since my actual birthday isn’t until later in the summer once everyone is back at school. It’ll be nice to see my friends from home again before heading back to USC for real this time!


My friends and I relaxing at Mission Beach!

The next few weeks for me will be filled with more unpacking, catching up with USC friends, preparing for school and sorority recruitment, and gearing up for football season! Football season this year is sure to be great, and I’m so excited to go to all the home games, and maybe even the Weekender trip up to see USC vs. Stanford! I can’t believe I’m halfway through with college, but I’m so excited to see what junior year will bring!

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