Even though this semester isn’t over quite yet, we’ve already registered for classes for next semester! I am really looking forward to next semester. In addition to my civil engineering classes, which include Dynamics, Mechanics of Deformable Bodies, and Introduction to Design of Structural Systems, I will continue with my Building Science track by taking Building Science 2, and learn about structure, space, and the process of design. As exciting as these classes are, I’m also excited to take my last General Education course, the Diversity requirement. This can be satisfied with one of the General Education categories, but the diversity classes never fit into my schedule before. So next semester I will be taking MUJZ 419 – The Jazz Experience: Myths and Culture, where I’ll study jazz fiction, poetry, and film, and of course jazz recordings. But the class I am most looking forward to is NAUT 001: Deepwater Cruising, also known as Sailing! This class is really popular, and I’m so glad that I can fit it into my schedule next semester. I’ve only been to Catalina Island once before, with the ATPS Retreat last Spring, so I can’t wait to go back! The best part of the class is that I’m taking it with three other girls from my Civil Engineering classes/study group. 🙂 To find out more about the class, check out Kristen’s latest blog!

After my Physics midterm this week, I have a research paper and architecture project due next week, so I should get back to work!

Until next time, Fight On!


  • kristen says:

    Sounds like you have a great semester coming up! I really loved Intro to Structural Design, and the professor is great. Also, you will love sailing. It’s seriously the best.

  • natalie says:

    Thanks Kristen I can’t wait!