I have had an amazing Spring semester of my junior year. Here are some of my favorite events:

  • Going to SWE Regional Conference in Salt Lake City with Emily and Caitlin and going skiing after the conference
  • Going to Santa Barbara (twice!) with my lacrosse team and taking 3rd place in our conference.
  • Going to Six Flags Magic Mountain with my favorite Viterbi Student Ambassadors (aka all of them)
  • Getting dressed up with my fellow engineers for the Viterbi Ball
  • Having fun with my sorority sisters at various social and philanthropy events
  • Getting accepted to the Progressive Degree Program in Green Technologies!
  • Receiving an internship offer to work at Boeing this summer!
  • Becoming a LEED accredited Green Associate!

This summer I am excited to be interning at Boeing. I will be working in El Segundo, which means I get to spend my first summer in LA! I’m working in the mechanisms area, learning about the various mechanical parts on satellites. I have a lot of friends that will be working at Boeing this summer, and got to meet more of the summer interns/ full time hires just this past week at a Boeing luncheon on campus! This is actually my first internship in college so I am very excited to start working. While it will be hard to beat my last summer studying abroad in Madrid, I’m hoping to learn a lot from my internship about Boeing, engineering, and what I want to do for a career, and have fun exploring LA!┬áStay tuned for more updates on my internship throughout the summer!

For now, it’s back to studying and working on group projects! This is our last week of classes, followed by two weeks of finals and then graduation. I’m so excited to stay for the graduation this year and see all of my friends graduate and head off into the real world. After a couple weeks at home in San Diego, I will be back to work in LA for the summer.


Will and I both passed the LEED GA exam!