Hi Everyone! This weekend I am with my entire lacrosse team in Santa Barbara because we all qualified for league playoffs!! This is very exciting because I haven’t been to playoffs since my freshman year. This is also the first weekend I have played lacrosse since our Santa Barbara Shootout tournament in February since I have been injured most of the season.

My team played two games yesterday, and ended up winning third place in our league. Our other team though is playing for first place in the league this afternoon, so we are staying in Santa Barbara today to support them. These weekend trips for games are always great for team bonding, and are a great break from my routine at USC. While this weekend if I were on campus I would just be meeting friends to study and do homework, this weekend I am in a gorgeous beach city playing lacrosse, going to the beach, and still doing my homework. So it is very relaxing and fun, but also forces me to be more productive since I have the same amount of work to do, but slightly less time to do it in. Plus, lacrosse tournaments are always great place for picking up cool lacrosse swag, like the playoff weekend bro tank pictured above!

I’ve really enjoyed the three years that I have been on the lacrosse team at USC, and the nine years I have been playing lacrosse since middle school. It has definitely been one of my greatest memories from college.