I can’t believe I only have 3 semesters of undergrad left at USC! This semester I’m taking five civil engineering classes, and for the first time ever I don’t have Friday classes! I’m taking Geotechnical Engineering, Reinforced Concrete Design, Theory of Structures II, Building Science II, and the class I’m most excited for, Sustainable Design and Construction where I’ll be taking the LEED Green AP exam! Take a look at my spring schedule:
My building science class project this semester which I’m super excited for is a farmers market! My group was inspired by the markets we saw in Europe this summer while studying abroad through the Viterbi Summer Overseas in Madrid. Check out my favorite market below and stay tuned for blog posts on my project!

This spring is going to be even better because lacrosse season is starting! As team president I worked hard this fall to plan out an exciting spring season for our team, to ensure playing time for all 30 girls! This includes our annual tournament in Santa Barbara over President’s Day weekend. Here’s a picture of my team after one of our games at the tournament last year:

And another picture from our last game of the season, where we pulled off a victory against UCLA in the final minutes of the game!

It’s great to be back at USC. Even though the semester just started, I already have homework! So it’s back to reading and watching football for the rest of the day. Until next time, Fight On!