My sorority held one of its main fundraisers of the year this past Thursday night, an event called French Toast Feast. The proceeds of this event benefit our local philanthropy, Troy Camp, USC’s main community outreach program. We set up a large grill on our front lawn to cook up a late-night breakfast for passersby from 11 p.m. – 2 a.m. Every year Gamma Phi and USC students look forward to this fun and delicious event, and since it benefits such a good cause, what’s not to love?!

This was my first French Toast Feast, and I must say I had an absolute blast serving french toast to everyone who stopped by. The lawn was filled with tables for people to sit, eat, and talk, and the trees were filled with Christmas lights. There was even a lively band playing fun music to get the crowd up and dancing!

I had such a great time volunteering at our fundraiser and hanging out with all of my friends that stopped by, I can’t wait until French Toast Feast next year!