It’s that time of year again, Halloween! I love Halloween because it means the start of the holiday season, apartment decorating, and of course eating lots and lots of food – in this case Halloween candy. My apartment has already received 4 Halloween care packages from our families, which means Halloween decorations, candy, and cookies galore. Halloween this year is awkwardly on a Wednesday, which kind of means two weekends of Halloween, or really just one right before aka this weekend. My roommates and I started this weekend by carving pumpkins and celebrating a friend’s birthday at our apartment, complete with delicious Halloween cupcakes.

I love coming up with Halloween costumes each year, and then making them myself! (For more DIY Halloween costumes, check out Emily’s blog). While I don’t always have time in college to make my own costumes, I did make a Minnie Mouse dress for Halloween that I wore this year! My friend Hannah and I were both Minnie Mouse for Halloween this year, here are our matching costumes:

Minnie Mouse!

My junior year of high school I decided to be Peter Pan and make my own dress. Here’s a picture of all my friends dressed up that year:

Peter Pan

Other years, my friends and I have had fun coming up with 80’s costumes, cheerleading outfits, and channeling our Mexican roots:

Next year I think I’ll attempt to make my costume again and go as a sailor or Pocahontas. Happy Halloween everyone!