Last week I was accepted to Viterbi’s Progressive Degree Program in Green Technologies. This means that I get to start taking grad classes next fall, and will finish my Master’s degree in only one year after graduating with my Bachelor’s degree. I love that this gives me one more year at USC – why would I ever want to leave a place as amazing as this?

I’m very excited to be studying Green Technologies. The program at USC is fairly new (launched in 2009), and is very interdisciplinary. I will be taking courses from the Civil, Industrial and Systems, Environmental and Chemical Engineering departments, plus a class in the Marshall School of Business. Green Technologies involves learning about and designing engineering solutions to the world’s energy demand using energy efficient models and products for increased sustainability. In my classes I will be learning about alternative energy sources, energy conversion and distribution, and public policy related to energy issues.

While I enjoy what I am learning in my Civil Engineering (Building Science) classes, I am really interested in renewable energy and green buildings. I’m currently taking a class on sustainable design with Will, which is preparing me to take the LEED exam this month. I can’t wait to learn more about the exciting world of green technologies and the job opportunities associated with it.

Until next time, Fight On!