It should come as no surprise that USC students take football seriously. This weekend was the annual Weekender trip to San Francisco for the Stanford (or Cal) football game. I didn’t go this year, but I did go freshman year with a friend from high school as we visited our other high school friends who attend Stanford. While the game didn’t work out in our favor, we had a blast traveling with many other USC students up to the bay area. Here’s a picture of me and my friend Megan at the game at Stanford stadium!

Megan and I at Stanford

Even though I didn’t go to the Stanford game this weekend, I am home in San Diego for the season opener for the San Diego Chargers! My family has been attending Chargers games since I was born. Now that I’m in college, I love going down for a couple of games each season to see family and great football games.

My dad and I at a Chargers game!

While the Trojans didn’t win this weekend, here’s to hoping the Chargers can win today! Until next weekend, fight on and beat the bears!