I’ve taken some pretty fun classes at USC, ranging from Italian, a couple of architecture history courses, an introduction to Buddhist literature, a class on American bestselling novels (read about that here), and the sailing course. You can read about Lydia’s and Kristen’s sailing experiences here and here.


I think my coolest classes that I have taken here at USC are my Building Science studio courses. I’ve taken two courses so far, and will take four more before I graduate. I love these classes because they allow me to apply all the engineering principles I learn in my civil engineering courses to architectural designs. Right now we are working on either a museum or golf course project, based on all the design techniques we have learned this year. Last semester, our final project was designing and building a model of a mountain cabin.


You can learn more about my Building Science courses by reading a couple of blogs I have already written on the subject, here and here. I hope you think it’s as cool as I think it is!


Here's a model cabin a student built!