Some people love experiencing the four seasons. Around the rest of the country this time of year, people get to experience those seasons, with leaves changing color in fall and snowfall and low temperatures in wintertime. But at USC, temperatures are generally in the 60s and sunny, with temperatures at night in the high 40s. Today, the high in Los Angeles will be 63 degrees, with clear sunny skies. Now I know some people love their seasons, but I am perfectly happy with the consistently sunny weather in Southern California. Here are some pictures I took the other day so you can see the wonderful weather for yourself.

Tommy Trojan in December

Doheny Library













Now, just because it isn’t snowing doesn’t mean that we don’t celebrate the holidays. Regardless of what religion they are, the majority of students at USC love to decorate their dorms, apartments or houses with various holiday decorations. Last weekend, my roommates and I went shopping for holiday decorations and spent hours making snowflakes and decorating our apartment. We even got a small Christmas tree!

Holiday Decorations!



Christmas Tree!


Sorority and fraternity houses also get into the holiday spirit with house light displays and interior holiday decorations. It really starts to feel like the holiday season seeing all the lights at night time!

So you see, even though it may not feel like the holidays in terms of weather here in LA, we definitely still have the holiday spirit!