This past week my Building Science class took a field trip out to Culver City to view the work of renowned architect Eric Owen Moss. Moss’s work can be seen within a couple of blocks in Culver City. While it’s only a 20 minute drive from USC, I had never seen it before. ¬†Our professor, who had done work for Eric Moss before, said we couldn’t graduate from USC and leave LA without seeing Moss’s architecture, so on Thursday we drove out to Culver City.

I was amazed at how cool Moss’s architecture was. I instantly wanted to live in or work (or both) in his amazing structures. Some buildings are still even being constructed, so it was interesting to see the framing behind these incredible buildings. I really appreciate that our professor took the time to show us such an important piece or architectural history.

View from the street:

Eric Moss architecture

My friends had driven past this peculiar tower before, but had never taken the time to explore or find out more about the buildings behind it. We had so much fun climbing the staircases that led to nowhere, taking in the interesting viewpoints, and learning more about the architect from our professor. Check out some of the other pictures from our field trip:

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My Building Science class after our tour of Eric Moss architecture:

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