It’s come to my attention recently that we have less than 100 days left until graduation (95 days left to be exact). While I will be staying for a 5th year to finish my masters, the majority of my friends are graduating and moving to various cities across the US, which makes this  semester really count as the last semester of my true college experience.

Here’s a throwback from my high school graduation:

Senior graduation

It’s hard to believe how quickly my time at USC has gone by. Here are some of my fondest memories from the last three and a half years:

  • Finally being able to register for film symposium as a senior
  • Sailing to Catalina for a weekend
  • Going to Santa Monica for the first time, welcome week freshman year
  • Traveling to 3 SWE National Conferences & 2 regional conferences
  • Hiking to the Hollywood sign
  • Interning at Boeing
  • Studying abroad in Madrid
  • Going to the Running of the Bulls festival in Pamplona
  • Watching the sunrise from SAL with my Building Science class
  • Doing research on sustainability my freshman year
  • Rushing the field when USC finally beat Stanford senior year
  • Playing club lacrosse for USC & weekend trips to Santa Barbara
  • Experiencing the Weekender in San Francisco
  • Conquering my fear of roller coasters with the VSAs
  • USC Gamedays
  • ESPN College Gameday
  • Designing a farmers market in ARCH 305
  • Learning Italian
  • Seeing President Obama and former President Bush speak at USC
  • Seeing shows at the Pantages through USC
  • Beach bonfires at Dockweiler
  • Late night In-N-Out runs
  • Meeting the best of friends at USC


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