It’s come to my attention recently that we have less than 100 days left until graduation (95 days left to be exact). While I will be staying for a 5th year to finish my masters, the majority of my friends are graduating and moving to various cities across the US, which makes this ┬ásemester really count as the last semester of my true college experience.

Here’s a throwback from my high school graduation:

Senior graduation

It’s hard to believe how quickly my time at USC has gone by. Here are some of my fondest memories from the last three and a half years:

  • Finally being able to register for film symposium as a senior
  • Sailing to Catalina for a weekend
  • Going to Santa Monica for the first time, welcome week freshman year
  • Traveling to 3 SWE National Conferences & 2 regional conferences
  • Hiking to the Hollywood sign
  • Interning at Boeing
  • Studying abroad in Madrid
  • Going to the Running of the Bulls festival in Pamplona
  • Watching the sunrise from SAL with my Building Science class
  • Doing research on sustainability my freshman year
  • Rushing the field when USC finally beat Stanford senior year
  • Playing club lacrosse for USC & weekend trips to Santa Barbara
  • Experiencing the Weekender in San Francisco
  • Conquering my fear of roller coasters with the VSAs
  • USC Gamedays
  • ESPN College Gameday
  • Designing a farmers market in ARCH 305
  • Learning Italian
  • Seeing President Obama and former President Bush speak at USC
  • Seeing shows at the Pantages through USC
  • Beach bonfires at Dockweiler
  • Late night In-N-Out runs
  • Meeting the best of friends at USC


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