Sometimes, I plan my school days around food. For example…

“Okay, so, after I grab my warm breakfast from RTH Café, I’ll go to SAL for office hours until I finish the second homework question. Then, I’ll skip over to Campus Center and have a pizza for lunch. Maybe I will get ice cream with a friend when classes are done for the day.”

To help you discover some of the best places to indulge in yummy goodness around campus and in LA, I have written out a typical timeline of food during a day in the life of a busy, food-loving engineer. Let’s begin!

8:00 AM: Seeds

Classes as early as 8:00 AM require some serious fuel. I normally run over to Seeds, located in Campus Center, before classes and get yogurt, fruit snacks, or a protein bar. Seeds is a relatively healthy option on campus, and it is a popular destination for lunch around noon as well. If I don’t have time to run to Seeds or I want a cheaper option, I’ll make a smoothie at my apartment before I leave.

12:00 PM: California Pizza Kitchen

Pizza is one of my favorite foods. Thankfully, California Pizza Kitchen is located in the indoor part of Campus Center along with Panda Express, Habit, and Verde. CPK fills me up for the next few hours. SO good!

3:00 PM: Lemonade

I usually have a break around the awkward hour of 3:00 in the afternoon, so I’ll run up to Lemonade to grab something that is in between a light snack and a meal. Lemonade makes the best old-fashioned lemonade and mac & cheese.

7:00 PM: Home-Cooked Dinner

Most nights, I cook chicken, brown rice, and vegetables at my apartment. Other nights, if I’m still on campus, I’ll eat a similar meal at a nearby restaurant like Chipotle.

10:00 PM: Cream

An ice cream shop located on Figueroa, Cream is open until 11:00 PM each night. Usually I’ll go with a friend or two for a study break or for a “midnight snack” before I go to bed. I like the cookie sundae, which is a scoop of ice cream and a warm cookie. This place knows how to make my tummy happy.


On Wednesdays I wake up super happy because Wednesday is Farmers Market day. Woohoo! I usually get a juice from one of the popular vendors called Sunset Paradise, and I also buy chips & salsa from one of the nicest chip-selling guys I have ever met. I stock up on fresh fruit as well.

On the Weekends

Bottega Louie has the best macarons!

#EatOn, anyone?!

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