Future Cinema, Powerful Storytelling, and Superpowers

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This semester, I had some extra space in my schedule, so I decided to take an elective in the School of Cinematic Arts. Now that I’m a junior and have completed most of my core classes, I’m starting to dive into classes that are more specific to my interests.

I am seriously loving my film school elective, Future Cinema (IML365). The class has only eight students in it, and my teacher treats the class as if it is a graduate seminar, meaning we are encouraged to engage in thoughtful discussion and pitch our own ideas for projects. Yesterday, my teacher even put a blank syllabus in front of us and asked us to write down what we wanted to do for the rest of the semester! We are basically designing the course according to our interests.

Like I talked about in a recent blog post, I’m interested in the intersection of dance and multimedia. In IML365, I am tailoring my small projects toward this combination, and, for my final project, I will design a prototype for a larger project that I will hopefully start implementing next semester.

I think it’s important to find your “superpower” as an engineer. In other words, what interests do you have that are different from what other engineers might be pursuing?

Personally, I love the powerful storytelling that technology can create. The possibilities are endless if I want to tell a story through games, computer graphics, or cinematic technologies, including VR and AR. I especially love how artists and developers can create works with advanced technologies to help people reimagine relationships between the artist and the audience, making entertainment more immersive. Pursuing projects in IML365 has guided me in the direction of my true passions and helped me decide to pursue a career where I can combine art and technology to make people happy.

What is your engineering superpower?!

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Natalie is a junior studying Computer Science/Business and Dance. Click the photo above to find out more.

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