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Hey guys!!

I can’t believe it’s already a week into November! Most of my friends are past the midterms-hump now and I’m T-2 days away from joining them! October was a great month, super busy, but also really fun. I, of course, spent a significant amount of time perfecting the art of procrastination.

You know how it goes. You’ve got that arsenal of things you absolutely must do first before you can start any assignment: those meme pages you absolutely must look at right now, the schedules and plans you’ve got to make but never really plan to follow, the Netflix show you start but can’t stop watching. Oh yeah, I do it all. One of my favorite ways to procrastinate is to change locations as often as possible. That way, you’re technically working the whole time you’re in one spot so it doesn’t feel like procrastination and we can totally just pretend that it isn’t! So in my adventurous (not) procrastination this past month, I discovered some pretty epic study spots around campus:

  1. Outdoors: The courtyard in my building is magical. The couches are as comfy as they look and the best part—outlets! This is by far my favorite place to code. They keep the lights on until midnight, so sometimes I love taking a blanket out here once all my classes and meetings are done for the day. Pretty much every building in the Village has a courtyard like this, but really, would recommend any outdoor study area 

    The Village Building 6 courtyard

  2. Study Rooms: Every library and most residential buildings have them. Last year, I loved working in the Birnkrant Conference Room and this year, I love working in the study lounges on my floor. It’s really nice to be in a space that’s so close to your room because you can always pop back home if you forgot something or want a quick break. It’s like having all the perks of working in your own room without the overbearing temptation to just nap the whole day 

    A study lounge in my building

  3. Open Classrooms: These are surprisingly really productive spaces. Depending on the building, you could find a classroom that’s open and has a whiteboard ready for your use. If I have to map out a big assignment or if I’m working with one or two other friends, I like finding a classroom because it gives us a bigger space to work in and visualize our project 

    My friend Isa and me by the commemorative Po statue in the Cinema School after a long night of coding

  4. Libraries: Libraries are a quintessential part of any college-goer’s experience. Whether you’re cramming for a final or just lazily finishing up the math homework that’s due tomorrow, there’s a library at SC for you. Seriously. There are so many. Leavey is the 24/7 one, made to help you get through those (hopefully really infrequent) late nights. Doheny warps you temporarily to Hogwarts and lulls you into a state of extreme productivity with its air of quiet focus. The Philosophy Library is where I go when things get really serious. The hours aren’t as extensive as Leavey and Doheny, but the Philosophy Library is so quiet and beautiful and ambient that you just can’t help but get all your work done in the time you’re there 

    The philosophy library is by far my favorite one!

  5. Dining Halls: I actually love going to dining halls between classes or right after office hours to finish up a quick assignment while eating. The setups in the halls are usually pretty conducive to productivity and all the food you can eat is just a few steps away! 

    The McCarthy dining hall in the village

So whether you’re looking for a place to get some serious work done or just maybe do some light studying, there’s plenty of places to bounce around to while you’re (not) procrastinating!

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Namita is a sophomore studying CS. Lover of acai bowls and napping. Click above to find out more.

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