You’ve been admitted to USC, you’ve picked out where you want to live, and you’re really excited to come here. There’s one problem though—you’ve no idea what’s up with all those Facebook roommate search groups. Do you need to find a roommate yourself? Will you be doomed to a terrible roommate if you allow USC’s housing system to do its magic?

The answer is that ever-present one you’ve probably heard a thousand times—it depends. I know people who’ve gone random and have loved their roommates, people who’ve picked their own roommate and had an average experience. No matter what you decide to do, though, whether it’s to find a roommate yourself or it’s to go random, you will be fine.

If you’re still not sure what to do, I would suggest finding a roommate through those Facebook groups. It’ll at least get you to talk to some of your future classmates and even if you don’t end up rooming with any of the people you talk to, you’ve at least made some new friends!

If you can’t find anyone you think you click with, or just don’t have time to read through everyone’s bios, though, don’t fret. I went random and my living situation turned out great. My roommate and I have separate friend groups, but we’re really compatible in our living styles. I’ve really enjoyed living with her, and I’m definitely going to hit her up to hang out again next year.

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