Hello Everybody!!

How’s it hanging? How about me, you ask? Well, just about a week ago, I was literally hanging, off of something I affectionately call the cloth-rope-thingy:

SWEtreat 2k17 me vs. the cloth-rope-thingy!

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Officer Council retreat was last weekend and wow!! The day started off with us taking an aerial acrobatics class in which I conquered my fear of heights by climbing up the fabric pictured above (I promise I made it even higher than that, there was a lot of oohing and aahing). We learned to do some pretty amazing tricks on another cloth-thingy (which I believe is officially called “The Tissue”) and one of those metal hoops you can see below.

Look at me hanging out again! This time off a metal hoop, of course.

And since the acrobatics class was only the start to our day, the adventure continued at a magical sandy place known as the beach! We swam around in the ocean, battled giant waves, and then furiously competed against each other in a sand castle competition.

The winning sandcastle! Proud to say that I happened to be on the winning team too 🙂

Winning the sand castle competition with the greatest sand castle ever aside, what I loved the most about retreat though, as cheesy as it sounds, was the company. SWE has grown to become one of the most important organizations at USC to me. Whenever I need help with something, or just someone to talk to, I know I’ll find what I want in SWE.

Just last year, when I needed interview help, my “ambassador mom” sat down with me one-on-one for hours and went over every single question she’s ever been asked in an interview and gave me advice on my responses. When I was getting ready to jump into Computer Science with absolutely no background knowledge in programming whatsoever, another one of my SWE friends met with me several times over winter break to teach me what I needed to know about C++ so I wouldn’t feel totally lost my first few week of classes.

SWE has helped me grow so much both professionally and personally, and it is honestly how I’ve made some of my best friends. Applying to be a SWE ambassador my freshman year was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made to date. So if you’re ever at a loss for how to get more involved or just want some more epic friends, you should definitely come check out SWE!!

SWEtreat 2k17 lunch break!


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