All the wonderful academic clubs and organizations on campus are exciting ways to become more involved in any area of your interest. However, sometimes it’s nice to completely break out of whatever shell you’re normally constrained to, and participate in other organizations that are completely out of the norm for your everyday life. For me, this is the Club Tennis Team. Although tennis has little to do with aerodynamics or physics (well, actually a whole lot more than you’d think), it’s a nice refresher, and also a competitive club.

Palm Springs Tennis

The club tennis team at USC has been competing against other Southern California Teams and other teams nationally for over 10 years, and every year we aim to qualify and send a team to nationals in either North Carolina or Arizona. Throughout the season, which lasts the entire year, but is more active in the Spring, we play tournaments throughout Southern California, the Bay area, and Arizona. Another great benefit to the team is that the awesome dynamic of traveling with friends to play sports! It’s something that I discovered I truly cherished, and I’m grateful to be able to continue it throughout college. Also, we get to travel and see professional tournaments, like this one in Palm Springs!

Because we have a competitive club team, we do have tryouts every semester, and they are fairly competitive. Because our men’s team here is ranked very highly nationally, the overall quality of tennis at USC tends to follow suit.

New this year, the David X Marks Tennis stadium is being remodeled! We are all very excited to see the results of the project, and even more excited to get out and play on the new courts.

I hope you enjoyed my Club Tennis overview! Play on, and Fight On!


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