School’s out! It’s amazing to think that my time at USC is more than half over, graduation for seniors is happening tomorrow, and I’m gearing up for another summer! While it’s a little bitter sweet to be leaving USC and Los Angeles for the summer, I’m really excited for what’s in store.

Quail_lakeFirst, I’m returning home to visit friends and family in Colorado for a few days. It’s always great to make it back home for a little, visit family, and even catch my High School’s graduation! As usual, I’m always looking for the next opportunity to go skiing, and since Colorado has gotten so much snow during this season, resorts are still open, at the time of writing until June 5th! Tomorrow will be my first May ski day of the season. In addition, some canoeing and fishing is in order around my hometown of Colorado Springs. Quail Lake is only about 10 minutes from home, and is a great spot for the afternoon!



After about 10 days in Colorado, I’ll be heading abroad with the Viterbi Summer Overseas Squad to Madrid, Spain for 7 weeks! I couldn’t be more excited for the trip, or the chance to hone in Spanish, enjoy the local culture, learn through formal classes, and best of all, travel Europe! What’s in store time will only tell, but of note will be visiting Valencia, and seeing the Running of The Bulls in Pamplona in early July. More updates on the abroad experience later on during the summer!

Stay tuned for more, and wherever your summer journey/employment takes you, enjoy the break from school and the chance to try something new!

Fight On!


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