Staying Centered in College

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The entire concept of “staying centered” is somewhat cliché, but for good reason. Although the connotation of such a principle may be negative or lend itself towards trendiness, balance is key in every aspect of any college student’s life. Between academics, clubs, sports, social life, and everything in between, maintaining a healthy balance of all these facets of daily life is essential. My dad would tell me many a time that “everything is a priority”. At first, this mantra seemed flawed; wouldn’t performing well in classes serve me best? Although the answer is yes, it would, performing well in the classroom is much more than just the byproduct of hard work and studying. It is the result of maintaining your personal health, enjoying some free time, and maintaining perspective.

Although my tree pose may not lend itself to the correct yoga form that is indicative of centeredness, it is the idea, not the exact execution that matters most when performing release. College is a perfect environment to explore new methods of becoming centered, as well as to continue established routes towards a clear state of mind. In addition, this is one of the most important skills to have after your years here as well! Knowing your release can calm and compose a mind that is bound to be busy while at USC. In fact, there are even classes such as Stress Management For Healthy Living offered through the physical education program that aim to provide students methods to release, focus, and center themselves in order to have a productive, and more importantly happy and enthusiastic lifestyle, not just at USC, but in general.

Don’t worry, be happy, and Fight On!

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