Amidst a busy day at USC, or just during a break between classes, it’s nice to frequent a few places to relax, finish some work, and enjoy all that our beautiful campus has to offer. I’ve included a few of my personal favorites in this blog post, and I hope you all have a chance to swing by them!

For a quick study/work session:

Philosophy Library

Philosophy LibraryMost likely to come up in other blog posts, but this library is located next to Mudd Hall (MHP) on the south side of campus, near the intersection of Trousdale and Expo Blvd. If you enjoy a somewhat private, formal study space amidst a plethora of books and individual “nooks” to cordon off your specific study area, this is the place for you. It’s calming, focusing, and an amazing piece of architecture.



Engineering/Science Library

Located near Ronald Tutor Hall, this is one of my favorite spots to stop by on the way to my Physics Labs or Math Discussions in Kaprielian Hall (KAP). It’s a more basic study space, but almost alway has available study areas, and is in close proximity to most engineering classes and buildings.


New Annenberg

New AnnenbergA great place for a slightly longer work session, New Annenberg (Wallis Annenberg Hall) has a fantastic updated atrium, and plenty of working space, in addition to the Illy cafe, a great quick stop if you need some coffee before afternoon classes. The basement (with many open classrooms) is a great place to study if you enjoy a very modern and focused atmosphere.


For a quick eats/relaxing:


Nektar @ USCThis “Juice Bar” offers much more. Near Physics Lecture Halls and the art/architecture schools, the courtyard at Nektar is a great place to relax for a few minutes, grab a great Acai bowl, or enjoy the shade of numerous trees siding the art school’s courtyard. For a short break during the day, this is your perfect go to.




In a slightly less conspicuous location than Trojan Grounds Starbucks or The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Literatea is situated in a small alcove on the back (East) side of Doheny library, and offers a shaded courtyard to relax or do some work in a more casual setting. Although it can be crowded at times, the frequency of students here is only testament to how popular of a spot it is.


Of course, this list composes only five spots that just one USC student enjoys. Although relatively small, USC’s campus boasts numerous alcoves, nooks, and crannies to set up and finish some work, or just enjoy being at the fantastic campus. Check out the ones above and always be open to find some new spots!


Fight On!


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