Airplanes hit close to home, and so do delicious cheeseburgers from In-N-out.

Naturally, a combination of both is a home-run for someone with my interests. The In-N-Out on Sepulveda Blvd. near LAX is my favorite spot in LA, without question. Through my year and a half here, I have never enjoyed any other spot more.

The In-N-Out lays right under the approach path to runway 24R, one of the most frequently utilized runways for landing at the airport. Aircraft come in on approach about 50 feet off the ground near the restaurant, which sits adjacent to a small park for viewing. Now, while the spot, and me nerding out over all of the airplanes landing is of enjoyment, this spot is much more important; a sort of reflection area. Seeing the airplanes come and go is calming, and allows me to keep centered, get away from the bustle of school and downtown LA, and also just enjoy beautiful sunny days in Southern California.

Approach to 24R LAX


Also, the spot fuels my passion; it can be easy to forgot the once more singular desire I had to do something with airplanes, but getting out there, and seeing what I work for firsthand is most rewarding, and inspiring. A Boeing 747-400 crossing 50 feet overhead is impressive to almost anyone, and downright fantastic to myself.

The importance in this place, obviously, is not just that of an In-N-Out, but that of the perspective it enables me to retain amidst anything. A short trip over to LAX, and about 30 minutes at in the park, and I’m recharged and ready to conquer anything the week brings on.


Fight On!


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