Summer’s almost over! Although classes start tomorrow, enjoying that last precious bit of freedom (and fun) is always essential before beginning a new semester. The last few weeks of summer I was at home in Colorado Springs, Colorado, visiting with my family and helping out around the house.

Last Tuesday, I began a road trip out to California in my new car, and ended up driving from Colorado Springs to Phoenix where I stayed the night with my freshman year roommate.

Ski Rack in the room!The next day, Wednesday, I made it the rest of the way to LA and USC! It was so great to be back, move in to my fraternity house, and reconnect with old friends. Everyone was up to a multitude of different things this summer, so the opportunity to share in their experiences was a great time.

Some Stress Relieving Room DecorationsAfter I said hi, I began moving in to my new room! This was actually more fun than I thought it would be, as I got to build a surfboard rack and ski rack, as well as a rack for skateboards.

Now that I’m moved in, I’m getting ready for the first week of classes! Football season is around the corner, and so is seeing even more friends from last semester.

To start out the semester, I’ll be focused on the General and Engineering Career Fairs, both of which are great opportunities to grab that summer internship for the next step in advancing an engineering career. With the career fairs comes resume reviewing, and this fall as the President of AIAA, I’ll be conducting a resume review workshop for all students in the engineering school so that they’re ready to go for the fairs.

Besides career and class work, the club tennis season is beginning to start up, and I’m very eager to get back hitting once again.

Junior year, here we come.

Fight On!


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